What activity are you enjoying when you lose your sense of time and space?

What pursuit are you involved in when your sense of separateness from everything around you slips away and in its place comes an overwhelming sense of oneness and joy?

What interest of yours creates a serene sense of being deeply grounded within yourself and the space you inhabit?

What specifically are you involved in when the creative power within you grips you and steers you into previously unchartered territory?

Conscious awareness of this feeling is the first thing we must attain. Often we overlook those moments of joy because our ego has placed judgements on the activity itself, as though the joy is somehow worth less, perhaps we’ve reasoned the activity is just a hobby or could never pay well. Everybody has felt it though. We’ve all lost time because we’ve been having so much fun. We’ve all felt unbounded pleasure, even fleetingly, when we’ve been doing something we love.

Once we’ve acknowledged that we’ve felt it, then we must be courageous enough to put out there precisely what it is we’re doing that provokes those feelings. For me it’s writing and it seems as though the pleasure and satisfaction of what I’m doing creates a sense of knowing in me because all of the fluff of normal daily life has somehow ceased to exist. In these moments it’s like I’m at the very center of the universe, at one with All There Is because my energy field has perfectly tuned itself to the universal energy field. Beyond the physical layer of our existence, on an energetic level outside the “normal” range of our five senses, that’s actually what’s happening.

I have grave concerns regarding traditional schooling because it is such a powerful mechanism for steering our precious children toward the fluff and chaos of our perceived reality instead of steering them toward our true reality which is energetic and at its core is the unconditional love of oneness.

That feeling I’m talking about can also be described as our essence. It’s who we actually are. If we travel through life focused on chasing our soul’s essence, not only do we enjoy ourselves in the moment, we also expand and improve ourselves constantly, we positively affect every other individuated aspect of All There Is, and importantly, we heal ourselves. In just the same way that mind comes before matter, healing ourselves precedes the healing of humanity.

This blog is me chasing my soul’s essence.



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