Letter 1 – A Startling Notion to Ponder

Dear Humanity,

This open letter series of which this letter is #1, aims not to take your money by selling you a chance at winning someone’s dream holiday nor is it selling a service, a product or a religion. I don’t represent a corporation of any kind.  Quite the opposite in fact: I’m a regular Aussie Mum armed with information that concerns you. Contained within this series of letters is knowledge that needs to spread like wild fire. Regardless of how you define yourself I implore your time and attention to read the series in full. Where I can I will provide links to files that unequivocally sum up this crucial point in time we find ourselves living in.

All the history in the entire universe has heralded our existence as the only specks of vibrating star dust known to have not just life and the ability to empathise but an expanded, conscious awareness of life.  How miraculous is that?!  Of all the generations passed where we humans have been mastering our mojo WE are the generation of humans who have reached the T-intersection of evolution; for it is now we are bestowed with the profound power to choose which direction humanity will head: the virtuous or vile? Stop for a sec if you will and ask yourself: will we flourish or is this the way life on earth could end?

Quite literally the decision we make regarding our current quandary will result in one of two things happening: 1) We make history by way of the grandest most epic revolution ever to occur; which could see our grandkids and great grandkids living freely and in abundance; no doubt with the utmost respect & admiration for us, their courageous ancestors. 2) We make history by way of the grandest, most epic demonstration of imprudent, spineless, utterly shameful negligence which will ratify the lives of our children – the ones here and now – subsisting merely as sick, subdued slaves and continuing to be killed off.

The rapid advancement of the technological age sees us hurtling towards the apex of human history. Indisputably, your consent to our abrupt demise is established through your silence and inaction. Equally, your courage to take action will have a ripple effect far greater than you’ll ever know. 

Besides reading this lengthy series of letters, my other appeal is that you keep the information moving. Please share this letter and those that will follow with friends or even strangers. Pop it in your neighbour’s letterbox. Leave a copy by your office coffee machine. Take a copy to your craft/study/sports group. Advertise it. Promote it. Blog it. Broadcast it. Read it to your friends. Share it with your network far and wide.

Rather outlandish it may seem to have these requests from someone you haven’t met personally, however, I passionately urge you to apply due consideration before you dismiss the information that will follow.

Every aspect of our lives nowadays is monitored and recorded. Every online purchase we make.  Every search we undertake. Every book we read. Every status update we ‘post’. Every point we score buying groceries. Every narcissistic #hashtag we type. Every emoticon we select. Every email we send. Every voice search we utilise. Every group we join.  In contrast, I’m confident you aren’t aware of any LOL cat-pix your great-grandparents gasped OMFG while ROFL; what books they immersed themselves in; or what causes they proudly supported.

A startling notion to ponder is the extent of the information your great-grandkids will know about you…

Every data-logged file of yours will palpably lay bare the choice you made during that fleeting moment in which your vibrating mass of star dust was conscious.

May each of us have the courage to consciously choose love, lest we shall remain in default mode, fear.



  1. Sandy Thomas

    Please post your next letter asap, I was settling myself in for a very good read this fine Tuesday morning & so far you’ve captured me so i’m looking forward to your next blog.



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