Letter 2 – Trauma is an Opportunity

Dear Humanity,

What these letters may lead you to discover is beyond anything you can imagine. It is intense and confronting to the utmost.  On a scale unfathomably monstrous in both magnitude and shock factor.

Bluntly and without exaggeration, alarmism or speculation: war is being waged on your health; ultimately though, your life. Indeed, the life of everyone and everything on planet Earth.

I appreciate that this introduction sounds utterly ridiculous. I appreciate that it sounds too far-fetched and that it may seem as though I’m a few choc chips short of a cookie. I can’t emphasize enough how foolish it is to be complacent or cynical at what is literally humanity’s last chance.

If your life in any way has been touched by cancer, brain/stem tumor, ASD, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, depression, dermatological / respiratory or unidentifiable illnesses;

If you regularly get headaches or sinus pain; or if you experience piercing, audible changes in frequency;

If you have kids, plan to have kids or have experienced unexplained fertility issues;

If your precious child is vaccine injured; if you have questions about the safety of neurotoxins and endocrine disruptors in vaccines; or if you are suffering from the horror of losing a baby to SIDS;

If you feel your vitality slipping; or if you are experiencing depressing thoughts, feel detached from those once close to you or are now uninterested in old pastimes;

If you’re concerned about the state of the environment and climate change or have noticed consistently unusual weather in your area;

If someone you love has committed suicide; or if you’ve ever considered taking your own life;

If you’re unsatisfied with the pool of political representatives; or if you feel politicians do not represent you and the things you care about;

If you’ve ever worried about or fought with someone over money;

If getting your kids to school is a battle each and every morning; and certainly,

If you’re prone to sneakily indulging in spoonful’s of Nutella – this open letter series might just be the open doorway you’ve been yearning for.

At the heart of this series I will outline an expansive, interconnected web of extremely concerning matters affecting each and every one of us. A mixture of my personal journey making these discoveries and the process of composing this series has made it clear to me that merely sharing details of this vile web leaves out critical, supportive information that you must understand to truly comprehend the situation and certainly if any change is going to occur as a result. Change URGENTLY needs to occur.

In my opinion, to successfully grasp the scope of the information that will follow and to feel inspired and courageous despite its utter frightfulness there are two factors that also need highlighting. The first of which is attaining self-awareness, a result of pursuing the often difficult process of thorough introspection (looking within) for example: learning to identify your emotions, triggers, choices, beliefs, personal biases etc. Introspection inevitably involves delving into the past; a distressing concept for many people due to the raw vulnerability it requires. An honest analysis of the past is much easier said than done due to the supressed (unconscious) energy many people aren’t aware they’re carrying around. I can’t adequately convey the immense value of using a trusted, observant, brutally honest and broadminded person as a sounding board is to this process (or the use of a professional).

Despite the commitment involved and the difficulty of this step it is paramount to the bigger picture for it provides unflustered transparency on how and why we’ve arrived at our current position in life as individuals and humanity as a whole.

The second indispensable factor involves using the deeper, newfound level of self-awareness for self-healing. We all have issues that we may not have dealt with properly at the time they occurred. You can be sure that any trauma experienced while in your mother’s womb, at the time of your birth or throughout your childhood years will have created distortions in your energy field, simply because the tools to process the traumas weren’t there. Adults unconsciously mess with their own energy fields when they deny or hide their true feelings, when they make decisions out of fear instead of love, when they maintain unhealthy lifestyles, and so on. Like attracts like in the case of energy distortions which is why it can seem we experience the same lessons repeatedly.

Each trauma is an opportunity to face our fears and feelings head on. Facing this aspect of ourselves can seem terrifying but oh the freedom of having fears dissolve into nothingness!  Traumas that don’t get the attention they deserve cause lasting distortions to our energy field that can last a lifetime (and beyond) and healing them requires dedication, courage and motivation – all essential traits for living your best life. This process of peeling back your layers (or mask self or ego) is the beginning of what promises to be a lush, illuminating journey to the core of your soul. It’s the true happiness deep down we’re ALL searching for, no exceptions. Self-awareness and self-healing is the only path that leads us home. And healing ourselves precedes healing humanity, again, no exceptions.

Zoom your lens back; this is big picture stuff and guess what? We all play a leading role.

All the world’s a stage,
And all the men and women merely players.
– William Shakespeare

Experience tells me that many people demonstrate resistance to these processes, albeit unwittingly; challenging the status quo in any realm is a confronting task just as encountering ‘all-that-you-are’ in a hypothetical mirror understandably is. In upcoming letters 3 and 4 titled Chuckin a Uey and A Truths Initial Commotion, I will write about my personal experiences and ideas regarding these two essential aspects; with hope it may assist those who need it in taking a step back to grasp the undeniable importance of their personal role in the grand scheme of things. Please stay with me on this as I can assure you this background information will be worth its weight in gold when you finally have all the necessary inspiration and suddenly, it’s time for you to make the choice to act.

Make no mistake; I am not suggesting there’s something wrong with you, your family or the choices you have made in life. My focus on the Self can be thought of as a loving hand being placed gently on your back to provide you with assurance that it’s ok to ask hard questions and insist on considered answers; that it’s ok to be uncertain of what role you play in this game called life; that it’s ok to feel resoundingly empty even after you’ve “succeeded” according to society’s template; that’s it’s ok to yearn for things unknown; but most importantly the hand on your back is there to remind you that absolutely nothing is worth it if you aren’t happy.

So now, have a think – can you remember (or imagine) a moment when your eyes have jolted back into focus from a daydream, perhaps after noticing the CD or DVD you’re playing is scratchy or skipping? Imagine taking the disk out of the player, giving it a wipe to clean it, placing it back in and pressing play again only to discern that the sound you are hearing this time – with pure certainty and perfect clarity- is yourself. Your soul. The real you.

Waking up to who you are requires letting go of who you imagine yourself to be. – Alan Watts

We all want progress but if you’re on the wrong road, progress means doing an about-turn and walking back to the right road: in that case, the man who turns back soonest is the most progressive. – C.S. Lewis

May each of us have the courage to consciously choose love, lest we shall remain in default mode, fear.


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