Letter 7 – There’s an elephant in your living room ~UPDATED~

Dear Readers,

Do you have the eyes to see it?

It’s been under your nose the whole time. It’s been fed to you since birth and since birth you’ve gobbled it up without question. Distracted by design and deliberately dumbed down you have followed the lure into the darkness with reckless abandon. For the sake of conveniences, increased productivity and keeping up with the Joneses Kardashians you have blindly accepted temporary hits of happiness; “happiness” that recedes rapidly and that someone else defined for you. You have accepted the pointlessness of your existence and the fate of humanity. You have resigned yourself to the notion that Earth is doomed and that you’re powerless to make notable change. You have consented to your own demise and mine and that of our children’s children.

This is the final chapter for humanity unless we open our eyes and see the elephant in the living room.

The word cloud below pinpoints the most urgent matters we are facing that I urge you to start researching NOW.

Word Art

Chemtrails that contain nano-particulates are being sprayed in the sky. Our skin absorbs this “smart dust” and we breathe in the contaminants also. The heavy metals in chemtrails poison us and increase our antenna like functionality. The smart dust is programmable and providing continuous real-time feedback to an AI quantum computer. The computer is not just mapping our brains but is learning how humans operate and now predicting ahead of time what it thinks humans will do next. It adjusts itself accordingly, learns from itself and is powerful enough to control 7 billion human brains and counting. When the AI has decided for itself that it knows enough about humans the smart dust laying dormant inside of us will be activated and a new third strand of DNA will begin to function. At this point we will have lost free will. We will be human hybrid slaves under the full control of AI and the human as we know it will no longer exist. THIS IS WHERE WE ARE AT RIGHT NOW!!


It’s amazing what falls into place when the intention behind a decision is right and we choose to act out of love instead of fear. I stumbled upon a blog that has covered huge amounts of information relating to the topics I highlighted in this letter. As far as researching goes, this blog is an amazing place to start and I commend the owner of the blog for their warrior spirit and courage to act.
Please visit: Lissa’s Humane Life

Be part of the solution sweet soul, educate yourself and as always, choose love not fear,





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