Letter 8 – Lifting The Veil

NB: It has been assumed that you the reader have begun educating yourself regarding the boiling pot of water we are sitting in (outlined in previous letters) as this letter aims to add to your knowledge by lifting the veil that separates the democratic government system we are lead to believe exists and what the system actually is.

Dear Reader,

Given that the government professes to serve and protect us, foolishly professing ignorance on these matters simply isn’t an acceptable excuse! Acknowledgment of the predicament we’re in but deliberately misrepresenting the truth is criminal conduct and a violation of human rights; and outright deceit is genocide on an unfathomable scale.

With regard to the downright wicked job done by these corporate puppets, I’d love to know which of the following options it is, wouldn’t you? Let’s consider the remainder of this section my ‘Poke-a-Poli’ correspondence; not that I’m interested in receiving a smug, sideways response full of everyday tick-tock from anyone who excels at hiding behind their words.

*** *** ***

So politicians, enlighten the people! Is it simply that you’re inept, deeply brainwashed fools who bluffed your way into office with the help of those you know?

Or is it that you’re cunning, lawless tyrants with full awareness of your crimes and as such worthy of instant, irrevocable discharge from the positions you hold, and immediate arrest on criminal charges such as treason, fraud and crimes against humanity?

My hunch however, and I sincerely wish to be wrong, is that those of you who claim to be running this country corporation are nothing but delinquents with extreme sociopathic tendencies; narcissists to the fullest extent, utterly void of morality and conscience, and so adjusted to injustice that you genuinely believe your temporary status and bribes are somehow worth more than the millions of deaths your actions have sponsored. Oh the suffering you have caused!

Your actions and your actions alone have surely terminated the chance your consciousness had of ever realising the holy grail life offers to all of us. To me, your temporary bribe is nothing but a fine dust in the wind by comparison to that. The horrifying nature and sheer callousness of the state sponsored murder, the widespread deceit and the propaganda programming we’ve been witness to and victims of, at your hands, is not a mark of success. Nor is it a mark of leadership, strength, or courage and it doesn’t earn you an ounce of respect. Regardless of who writes the history books for our time, I can assure you, in the hearts and minds of those who know, your memory will not be honoured.

When I look into my children’s eyes and catch a glimpse of their infiniteness I wonder how on earth you could ever do the same thing with your own children; how could any spark of theirs endure looking into such a void? I wonder if you had good intentions to start with and whether you even realise you’re a puppet. I wonder how you sleep at night. I wonder who cloistered your conscience so you could fulfill such a role. I’ve wondered whether you’re entirely human because your actions certainly aren’t humane.

Any individual, organisation or corporation who knowingly aids in this deceit deserves never to take another step forward as far as I’m concerned. I look forward to the day when each and every despicable soul involved in these crimes is named, charged & taken to trial by the people.

*** *** ***

This is why ten out of ten times politicians don’t respond to letters or emails from members of the public when it comes to issues that actually matter. Anything they say will incriminate themselves because they’re either guilty or willfully blind. “Willful blindness” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as “deliberate avoidance of knowledge of a crime, especially by failing to make a reasonable inquiry about suspected wrongdoing, despite being aware that it is highly probable.”

For me it’s their silence that’s deafening.

Questions to Ask Yourself

The majority of people despise paying so much tax so why don’t we act when COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA (a foreign corporation) claims rights to a huge percentage of our income (aka stealing) simply because they wear a self-appointed cap and badge? There are no punishments for this theft they call tax; in fact there are threats for noncompliance! Name one other foreign corporation you pay tax to?

Why isn’t there an uproar among all the people when the “defence”” department of such a corporation uses the excuse “It was a mistake” after they’ve launched a missile at and subsequently destroyed a suburban market place along with dozens if not hundreds of civilian lives? Why isn’t there an uproar among the people when the same “defence” department invade an otherwise peaceful nation under false pretenses looking for phoney weapons only to be told yet again “it was a mistake”? Why can’t we use the same excuse if we’ve genuinely rolled through a stop sign accidentally?

Why can Tony Abbott make Nazi references toward another individual and jovially “detract” his comment instead of being put on a terrorist watch list or be interrogated, threatened, have his passport removed and be put under comprehensive surveillance?

Why does the moral code we humans live by cease to exist when a human dresses up like a soldier “representing government” and commits a heinous act or contributes to mass murder? On top of that, why is this atrocious sociopathic behaviour celebrated with medals of honour? Where is the honour in making the choice to become a trained killing machine as an employee to an organisation with a regimented, elusive, deceitful track record whose biggest claim to fame is their pathetic role as the unquestioning sidekick to the world’s most malicious, corrupt, aggressive “defence” force of modern times? Where is the honour in trading your name for a number; your free thoughts for obedience; and your morals for a machine gun?

Why does our moral compass somehow disappear when politicians blatantly lie to us? Why do we let them say one thing (when their lips are moving) but do another? Why don’t we hold them accountable? All of them!

Are we truly exercising our “democratic rights”, do we really have a choice at election time granted we are told who the candidates are? Does voting make a difference? Has it ever? Or does it just change the face we see on the news and shuffle those of us suffering into a different order?

Why was our constitution (yes, we have one) – The Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia – illegally amended (i.e. without a referendum) in the 1970’s and yet no politician since has bothered to right this wrong? Of course, the purpose of ‘The Constitution’ was to protect us and to ensure our rights remained as ours; definitely not “protecting” us in the same way government masquerading corporations claim to be protecting us nowadays, which ironically seems to mirror our ever diminishing “rights”. FYI – rights are not something you rent out (but they don’t teach us that in school, do they?)

Of all the questions I’ve asked, it’s these that carry the most weight: Why do foreign registered corporations have the right to forcibly control us? Who granted these corporations such authority? Are the “laws” they impose on us legitimate or simply a set of rules for corporation employees? Why are these corporations exempt from the rules they impose on us? If Optus, Coles, Westfield or Caltex claimed the right to forcibly control you, would you let them?

Right before our very eyes nefarious forces have worked meticulously to transform the entire earth into a network of monstrous corporations in the business of human farming. We are their livestock! The farmers who own us provide us with “food”, “medicine”, “education” and “entertainment” all of which is to keep us productive and give us the illusion of choice and the illusion of freedom. I mean, just because the food they provide us is laced with a borage of toxins or isn’t actually food at all; and just because the medicine they make us doesn’t get adequately safety tested, is synthetic, kills healthy cells, calcifies our brains and is mandatory; and just because the free education robs us of our childhoods, extinguishes our instinctive love of learning, is compulsory and only teaches us how to obey them and consume their products; and just because the entertainment is actually mindless shit that hypnotizes, divides and distracts us, doesn’t mean they own us! It can’t mean that because THE FARMERS THEMSELVES TELL US THEY SERVE AND PROTECT US, DUH!  But we are the slaves and we’re bound by shackles we cannot see. We are the fools who trade our LIVES and FREEDOMS and RELATIONSHIPS and HEALTH and INNER ESSENCE to make other people rich!

In just the same way I took my kids out of school so instead they could live.  In just the same way I no longer vote at elections and confidently refuse to pay the subsequent fine.  In just the same way I’ve transitioned from being an unquestioning Big Pharma customer to a maker and user of nourishing natural products for prevention and healing. And in just the same way my mother-in-law hastily closed all her accounts with a bank who mistreated her, all we need to do is not comply! Global non-compliance MY GOSH what a revolution it will be! Join us!

We must transform our thoughts from this perpetual state of fear for survival into something new. We must be grateful for the lessons they’ve taught us because we can’t know what love is until we’ve met our deepest fears. We must be grateful for their efforts to keep us unconscious because now we understand just how powerful our consciousness is. We must be grateful for the oppression we’ve endured to truly appreciate the sweetness freedom will bring.

Choose love not fear,

BC. xx

An afterthought: If you’re interested, my letter to the “education” department after cancelling enrollments at school can be found here {Hoop Jumping (EdDept)}.  Having the enrollments cancelled was an achievement of it’s own merit because, naturally, the school was in cahoots contact with the department during this process and the department actually advised the principle of the school to LIE to me, no doubt assuming I was going to be a floundering fish instead of a well researched, well documented, legislation backed, warrior spirit mum.  After advising them of their own legislation and successfully using it against them (by reading between the lines basically) I was successful in having the enrollments cancelled.

A short time went by before I received an email from a director of the department’s home schooling faction which basically told me I needed to either re-enroll by kids at school or register them with the home schooling department, “as per the legislation” of course, or else. I had a thorough knowledge of the education legislation that applied at the time and knew I could use it to support my case if anything ever eventuated from this situation. With that knowledge and confidence in my cause, I replied to the director with the above letter. Not only have I never heard back, but no action has ever been taken against our family.

If any parents out there see the value in removing their kids from the current system of divide and conquer indoctrination and want to start unschooling their kids, like we have, please feel free to use the above letter in part or in full – AT YOUR OWN RISK. I take no responsibility for your outcome. I passionately urge anyone with plans to do this to take as long as you need to read, reread, interpret, reinterpret all legislation that applies to you. Legislation is the only weapon that have to use against you, so you must be versed with it to the point that you have found the loopholes in it, which, “as per legislation” they CANNOT ague with.  I recommend all communication between yourself and any person or department be in writing for record keeping purposes.




  1. Damon Dozier

    “We must be grateful for the oppression we’ve endured to truly appreciate the sweetness freedom will bring.”

    I love the closing. It really resonates with me. Beautiful read!


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