Greetings to you, I am so pleased you stopped by. If you have stumbled upon my blog it means we were meant to cross paths. Perhaps there’s something important in my words you are meant to discover. Or do you have the next piece of my puzzle? I welcome your thoughts and feelings in the comments below each post. Please, if you can’t be kind or kindly constructive, be quiet and ponder instead.

My words are my way of releasing the creative essence woven through every layer of my being. As a five year old little girl I would write page after page in my exercise book chronicalling adventures with friends, my imaginary big sister or places I’d visited.

Right throughout my life I took for granted the ease at which my words flowed and only now do I understand that writing and the joy writing brings me is a fundamental aspect of who I am. Writing it seems is central to my life task, bad grammar and all! It’s the tool I have that serves as a form of therapy for my soul’s growth; it’s how I release my inner essence, so in that sense for me, it’s a form of healing.

Writing is also a way for my insights to be shared; my service to others and giving back to the universe. Each of us is an essential aspect of All There Is. We are not separate from nature or separate from the universe. We are the universe experiencing itself in human form and from as many different perspectives as necessary. It’s not a mistake that we each have a unique perspective from which we perceive the world. Given the life task for each of us is to accomplish soul growth it only makes sense that the truths we discover on our unique journey are meant to be shared, for the betterment of everyone. If that’s not the case, if humanity isn’t our responsibility, there would be no need for so many perspectives, no need for personal growth, and no need for the evolution of consciousness.

My words reflect my awareness of truths I have discovered as my consciousness has expanded. This is the view from where I stand in the universe.

All of my work appears in reverse chronological order on the main page Freshly Pressed or you may select a particular category by using the drop-down box on the right hand side of this page. I am particularly interested in discussing unschooling and new paradigm education; conscious parenting; activism, anarchy and Ubuntu Contributionism; geoengineering; narcissistic abuse and recovery; consciousness, OBEs and psychedelics; self-healing, specifically healing through the human energy field – so let’s chat!

May each of us have the courage to follow our curiosity and to consciously choose love,



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